Isn’t he cute all cuddled up in his blankey, my Baby!

I look closer and notice he’s smiling, I wonder if he’s dreaming.

I bet Baby is going to have a wet dream.  He always wakes with a wet diaper and a little stiffy.

He starts to move around as I watch.  Then he kicks his legs and stretches as he rolls over onto his back and he’s still smiling probably still dreaming about what gives him his little stiffy.  And we all know what makes those little stiffys; stiff.  The smell of a woman, the touch of a woman and the sound of a woman’s voice, just to name a few.

He moves again and his hand ends up resting on his crotch, how cute!  Then his hand starts to move as he rubs himself.  What a naughty Boy!

I keep telling him, if he keeps playing with it, it’s going to fall off.  But I think all boys like to play with themselves.

Baby is awake!  And of course he wants out of his wet diaper, so he can feel a nice dry soft clean one.  I like to lie him on the floor on one of his nice soft blankets and take that nasty wet diaper off and with a little swat on his bum.  Naughty Boy wetting your diaper, you know better.  I take the baby wipe and rub it in my hands so it’s not so cold and start to wash Baby.  Then putting a clean diaper under his bum and a nice generous sprinkle of baby powder. Next, I bring up each side and pin nice and snug.  And remember how I run the pin through my hair to make it go through the diaper easier.

It’s time to rub your stiffy away!

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