He wanted to eat his cum, so I shared

He had his ass propped up on the wall so that his dick was pointing straight down at his face. I watch in aw as he showed me what gets him so hot and heavy. There was a mirror at the foot of the bed, which he was able to look over into. He was watching himself jerk his long thick cock trying to make his self cum. I loved how turned on by himself he was getting.

I walked over to him, pulled my panties down, and then sat on his face. I took his cock into my mouth and chocked myself on it a few times. Massaging his balls a worked the head of that dick! I could feel him moaning against my pussy! I knew I was doing the job right!

He reached up and grabbed two big handfuls of my ass. I jumped with pleasure. I could feel his cock starting to swell and get big. I knew he was going to cum soon. I started to suck harder so that he’d explode right in my mouth. I sat my ass right now his face so he couldn’t move, and then that man came like a volcano explosion!

I held all the cum in my mouth until he was done. I turned around, opened his mouth and then pressed mine on top of his. I opened my lips and spit that hot juicy cum right into his mouth. I wanted him to taste and enjoy every last drop he had given me.

We shared the pleasure of his cum while he was still propped up on the wall. After he slid down, he stuck his tongue out so I could see all of his cum on it. He was still so aroused just by the taste of himself!

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