Voyeurism- masturbating to him on Skype

Voyeurism. I have always loved to watch.  When I was much younger, I used to get off on hiding in my parents closet and watching them fuck. Have you ever tried that? It was so wrong yet so hot!

Today I got to watch a guy masturbate on Skype, and I ended up getting wet.  This guy was wearing sexy red panties that he got from his ex. His balls were tightly tucked away. He pulled out his thick cock and started to stroke it for me.  He has a beautiful long thick cock with a big head. I loved it the moment he revealed it to me.


Voyeurism with Skyoe
Voyeurism – sara loves to watch

I told him what I wanted him to do. Run your finger down the shaft. Spit on it. Stroke it nice and slow. We talked about how his thick head would feel sliding into my pussy. Mostly I just wanted to watch him and his beautiful hardening cock. I had my fingers in my panties caressing my soft pussy as he stroked his penis. I imagine what it would feel like if I was licking it, and putting it in my wet mouth.

We took our time, talking about what we would do to each other if we ever met in person.  Then he started to cum . As I watched his cock explode with a huge load of cum, I came just by using my fingers on myself. My panties were dripping with my cum as I watched him.

When he came, his cum oozed out of his rock hard dick. Dripping down the side and all over his hand. It was a huge load. I wanted to lick it up. It was a beautiful sight!

Can I watch you?

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