Smothered By Voluptuous Lady Ashley

The small of my back down to my fat bubbly ass.
It’s perfection squeezable cushion, plump, fat and more than a handful.
Start at the beginning the top, down the delicious crack!
Inside my spreading crack, is my tight puckered asshole.
Real men want a voluptuous woman’s ass to taste!
The loveliest of all woman’s sweet tasty treats,
Your mind filled with pure wild desire to worship and devour my tight brown hole,

You have a lusting need to probe my sweet place with your tongue!
You clamp your eager lips on the tasty hole, to set me on fire,
Thrusting your tongue in deep, inch by inch setting my dripping pussy on fire!
Your slobbery tongue soon had me grinding and smothering your face,
As you thrust it inside, and moved it around in my hole opening it up for you,
I moaned “Oh FUCK, your tongue feels so fucking good! “Keep licking don’t you fucking stop!”
You move your hungry tongue in and out like you were fucking it with your cock,

In and out of my sweet asshole fast and slow,
This voluptuous lady has an asshole delicious and indescribable,
My perfectly formed round cheeks are silky smooth and addictive,
My amazing chubby ass and body to match, to get you caught in my web!
You couldn’t help yourself you had to eat, and tongue fuck her sweet butthole all night long!
This succulent scrumptious, edible, voluptuous lady’s is all yours!
When my volcanic orgasms finally ended, and I laid still breathing heavily,

I hear you tell me “Ashley, you know I’m crazy for that ass and gotta fuck your hole!”

I feel you thrust your aching cock deep inside my dripping wet and sweet asshole,
You are dying to spill and fill the ass hole you just soaked with your tongue,
Shooting all your thick, creamy cum inside my asshole,
When you filled my fat sweet asshole up with every drop, gave you a thrill!
“Oh Ashley, I so love your hot ass” you moaned in my ear,
Cumming inside me shot after shot filling me up with that hot cum!

“I’m cumming in your moist ass Ashley!

“You pull my ass cheeks wider, and give on last thrust balls deep into my stretched hole,
The Voluptuous Lady Ashley is a sexy and alluring sight,
My sweet pink pussy and puckered asshole so delicious and addicting!
Tasting so good, you can’t wait to eat them out again just like this tomorrow night!!

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