Dr. Nick slid his hands down my well oiled ass, running his thumbs down my cheeks, spreading them apart ever so slightly. His thumbs followed the curve of my ass down to my pussy lips. I gasped slightly and held my breath as his thumbs caressed the folds of my dripping lips. I was aching for him to run his hands over my clit, but he moved back up my ass again, forcing his weight deep into my muscle meat.

He grabbed my hips with both hands and forcefully ran his thumbs back down the crack of my ass, opening me up more than he did the last time. His strength pulled me toward him and naturally, my legs opened enough for him to get a good look at how wet he was making my pussy.

Suddenly, Dr. Nick buried his face deep in my ass, licking my asshole and running his firm, tongue all the way down my pussy. I raised my hips without hesitation as he sucked and flicked my clit. He pressed his tongue into my hole, curling it across my G-spot. I cried out because he almost made me cum.

Before I knew it, I could feel the fleshy head of Dr. Nick’s cock sliding up and down my wet gash. He grabbed my oiled ass and slammed his cock into my pussy. He fucked me hard thrusting deeper and deeper, pulling me closer to him as he struggled to keep a grip on my glistening body.

I was going to cum and he knew it. My pussy tightened around Dr. Nick’s cock and he pushed it in as far as he could get. He held it deep in me and circled his fingers around my oiled clit. I slowly started to climax, the build up rising in me like a wave. My pussy spasmed again and again on his enormous meat pressed firmly up against my G-spot. He sped up on my clit and I continued to cum harder and harder, until I squirted all over his cock.

Before the last scream echoed out of my mouth, Dr. Nick pushed his cock in my tight asshole. He grabbed me firmly around my waist and slammed me down on his cock. He fucked me hard, thrusting with his hips until I could feel his cock swell and jerk inside me. Dr. Nick pumped me full of his hot milky cum.

It’s not the treatment I was expecting, but when I walked out of the office, my back felt great.



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