Dr. Nick is my chiropractor and holistic medicine specialist. I see him about twice a month for acupuncture, massage and a general cracking good time. Sometimes you really just need a strong man to use his brut force to crack the shit out of your body. At least I do.

Dr. Nick is fairly young, incredibly fit, and owns his own practice. This makes him an attractive catch and he is very popular with the ladies. I admit, I can’t help but get turned on when he rubs warm oil into my skin and massages all the knots out of my spine. He’s always flirty and playful with me, but I just figured that’s his way.

This last visit was different. Dr. Nick seemed almost obsessively focused on using a new treatment for my lower back pain. I wear heels constantly and it puts a strain on my muscles. Normally, Dr. Nick uses a combination of massage and acupuncture on me. This time, he wanted to practice an intense massage technique he’d been studying.

I stripped naked, like always and rested my body on the table in his dimly lit room. Soft music was playing and the flickers of scented candles danced on the walls. I was face down when he entered the room. He softly ran his fingers over my skin as he drizzled warm oil from my neck to the very top of my ass. He started at the base of my head, massaging down my neck and shoulders, working every inch. I exhaled with pleasure as his hands drifted down my spine, across my hips and onto my ass.

Dr. Nick asked me if it was alright if he moved the sheet covering my cheeks. He stressed the importance of working the muscles down my entire body. I agreed.

He pulled the light sheet off me and drizzled more warm oil down my ass and onto my thighs. I could feel the oil run through the crack of my ass and onto my pussy. Its warmth caressing my pussy lips and hugging my clit. I shifted a little, allowing the liquid to seep into my slit. As I settled my hips I could feel my saturated pussy lips slide against each other. I wanted to slide my hands down between my legs and stoke myself to climax, but I knew Dr. Nick wasn’t finished. He was just getting warmed up.



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