Virginity Gone at 14. How Sweet Teen Mia Lost Hers

I was young. Very young. But old enough to start flirting with boys. I wasn’t even in high school yet but all the boys knew about me. I’m sure they all wanted my virginity. It’s not something I had even thought about really but that didn’t really matter when I was going to parties and flirting with them in my tight little skirts. I should have known it was only a matter of time. I suppose I was naive.

One night I was at a party with my friend Lori, having a great time. Drinking a bit too much. I was definitely drunk and I had lost track of Lori. That was a pretty normal thing. She liked boys more than I did and I usually found her tucked in some closet with some rando. I mean the random guy that neither of us knew. I guess that night it was my turn for the rando.

I’d seen him at parties before and we had made eye contact just casually flirting. I giggled at some things he had said while we were next to each other grabbing drinks. He took that as an opportunity to shove his tongue down my throat. I was too drunk to argue and honestly, I liked it. The kissing. It was nice.

He was a senior, it made me feel cool.

After kissing me for a few seconds, I don’t know it could have been minutes. He decided to take us to a more secluded spot. In the backyard behind some bushes. Yes, that’s right, on the ground. Romantic;). He was fumbling around, almost as drunk as me. Kissing me and touching me. Groping every inch of my body and I was definitely enjoying it. No argument from me. His hand inched up my skirt and before I knew it he had ripped off my panties. I guess that’s what I get for wearing those tiny lace things that aren’t really even real panties.

Next thing I knew he was inside of me. I couldn’t push him off, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to and then POP! my cherry was diminished with his hard teen cock.

Maybe we can make a new story together. Would you like to take my virginity? I’d love to try again;) With you

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