I Love Virgin Men

Virgin men have always been a delicacy to me. There’s something about corrupting someone that just makes my pussy really wet. Recently I met someone who I have been spending a lot of time with. He is the sweetest man I’ve ever met and when he told me he was a virgin I couldn’t believe it. I am almost sure he thought that would be a turn off, but like I said, it just made things more exciting.

A few days after that I had a dinner prepared for him. After we ate dinner, I asked him if he want it to watch a movie with me. It was all a part of my plan. I got really close to him once the movie started. I put my hands on his lap and started caressing it. I want it to make his cock rock hard and believe me when I say, it happened really fast. To my surprise he wasn’t taking the next time, I was sure that by then he would be all over me. So I decided to just do it. I pulled his cock out and before he could say anything I was riding his cock. It slid right inside me and the look on his face was priceless. I loved the way he moaned and said my name. I want it him to finish inside me, I want it him to fill me up and he did.

Once he came he asked if I had finish, and I said no. I told him to just finger me. I sat next to him while he licked and nibbled on my nipples while he fingered my pussy. I came so hard right on his fingers his cock stood right up again. That same night he felt me cum on his cock, and from them he has been hooked on my pussy.

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