I know the title “All My Vibrators” sounds like a title to a bad soap opera porn, but it’s really what’s in my toy box at the end of my bed. A while back I had to rebuild my toy collection. I had none. You’re probably wondering why I had none, so let me explain. I was babysitting my niece when she came to me and asked if she could play outside with my toys. I thought she was talking about the duffle bag of Barbies I keep for her when she comes over, so of course I said yes. I’m doing the dishes in the kitchen when she comes running, yelling, “Aunt Scarlett, I broke the rocket ship!” I’m like, “What the hell?” So I go outside to see what she is talking about and that is when I see it. All my vibrators and dildos stuck in the ground, a few of them broken. So that is why I had to rebuild my collection. 

So now I have a chest at the end of my bed filled with toys just for me. I have a skinny, white vibrator that has a dial on the end that controls the speeds. His name is “Casper” (Yes, I name all my toys). I have a little pink rabbit that vibrates so fast that it’s for the business woman on the go. Her name is “Bunny.” I have my “Grimace,” that’s my large purple vibrator that is 7″long and and is really wide. There’s “Pinky” who is not a vibrator, but is attached to a guy’s dick and balls and is used for DP. I have my butt plug “Starfish” used to stretch my ass for anal sex (my favorite thing to do). There’s the vibrator I cloned named “Damien” after the cock I cloned it after. I also have handcuffs, floggers, bedstraps, blindfolds, lube, non-latex condoms (cause I’m allergic to latex), and my porn DVDs (I am so addicted to porn, but it needs to have a story line).

But I have one toy in my whole toy box that is my favorite among them all. I use it when I am alone in bed, horny, with that deep, tingling, itch that just needs to be scratched. I use it before I film to warm myself up before the cameras start to roll. I use it in the bathtub and shower because it’s WATERPROOF! It pulsates my little kitty from front to back, keeping me wet, right on the edge until finally I squirt from all the vibrating. You want me to tell you what it is? It’s my Devil Rub My Duckie, which I named “My Rubber Duckie” (How original)! I love how it vibrates my pussy, my clit, and my ass all at the same time and that is why I can squirt wit that toy. I think every girl should own one. And they come in different themes.

I think I am going to go use it right now!