Your vampire transformation fetish makes me thirsty . . . for your blood.

A vampire transformation fetish makes perfect sexual sense to me. The only fluid bonding more intimate than fucking is blood-sucking and forced feeding. And playing your vampire Mistress comes naturally to a seductive, dominant, mesmerizing woman like me.

I remember reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula as a teenager. It felt racy. Everything from the (supposedly prudish) Victorian era seems pretty full of not-so-under-the-surface eroticism. Getting “turned” into a vampire involves giving in to seductive wiles of mysterious strangers, however unwittingly. Either way, I’m going to make you mine. I’m going to re-birth you, change you.

I’ll drink from you until blood streams from the corners of my soft, dangerous mouth.

As you feel my hot breath in your ear, your primal instinct will overwhelm you. The closer my beautiful fangs get to your exposed neck, the more powerless you become. I’m hungry. And you are going to feed me. I have to eat once every night. And I’ve chosen you as my nourishment, my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Your transformation will begin after I’ve satisfied myself on you. Will I force your lips to my wrist, slashed open for you? Or will I swiftly make a gash on one of my breasts? Certainly, you’ll suckle in a frenzy either way.

Maybe I’m the quiet, dark-eyed lady at the end of the bar. I seem to be alone. And my eyes seem to be calling you over. Before you know it, you’ve invited me back to your place. You’ll be too excited I’ve accepted your invitation to notice my unusual canine teeth. You’re drunk, anyway, and you find my smile mesmerizing, not scary. Well, not scary yet, anyway.

You’ve never needed something as desperately as the blood of eternal life I’ll give you.

But maybe I won’t appear as a stranger in the night. Maybe I’ll have been in your bedroom all along. Do I count as a cheating wife if I’ve been seduced, hypnotized into be-cumming a vampiress? Besides, I’ll be sharing my new lifestyle with you. We’ll be reborn together. And we’ll live together forever, ageless and full of perverse vitality.

Is there anything more bonding than a blood pact? It might seem forced at first. But you like a dominant woman, anyway. So who better than a vampire succubus to suck your blood, your energy? Don’t worry, I’ll give it back to you. But it will be different afterward. It will be better, unstoppable. More animal-like, immortal. You are my special creation.

Finally, let yourself go completely and fall into my strong arms. It’s my lust for you that gives me this superhuman, supernatural strength. Your exposed neck excited me. Probably nothing excites me more than smelling your blood and watching you expose warm, virgin neck.

You need the vampire transformation fetish phone sex only I can give you. And I need to eat. Finally ready to give in and let me take you over? I’m right here, waiting for your call!