Have you always been so pathetic? As your Findom Mistress, I see what a sad little man you truly are. Susan has done a fantastic job and breaking you down for the rest of us. I admire her amazing work. Now, my responsibility is your Twitter Sissy Exposure.

Taking to social media to expose your inner sissy and panty-boy is now my pleasure. Susan is a master at setting the stage for the rest of us. Above all, breaking your spirit and making you and sad little man.

And, sad little man you are, begging me to let you cum. I love you are willing to do anything to climax. Of course, desperate men will go to any length.

Nothing will stop my Twitter Sissy Exposure fun!

Additionally, the more you beg, the more I am going to post. Furthermore, I am enjoying your discomfort so much, nothing will stop me now. Besides, look at all the sexy men seeing your information.

As a Young Teen Domme, I love making me bow down to my way. Just like you Scottie, you are one of my fun little subs now. Of course, those men are my pay pigs and are happily paying me cash and tributes.

It is time I start draining your wallet as well. Furthermore, it is time to follow my directives. Including sucking lots of dicks. One thing is certain, you are training for my Humiliation Phone Sex. All the things we are doing are great for my naughty callers.

I love being open to anything my callers fantasize about.

Of course, you are the focus of my Twitter sissy exposure, and most of my other pay pigs aren’t getting that kind of attention. However, don’t get the idea you are special because you are not.

It is time to put on your pantyhose, Scottie. Go on, I know you are dying to have them rubbing against your sad little pecker. Wait, don’t go into the bathroom, do it right here in front of me!

Vanity is not allowed with me. Oh, look it is hard. It is so small, you can barely tell. No wonder you love wearing hose, the rub all the right areas for you. What a sad man you are.

Now, I have a few friends over to visit and they are waiting in the living room for us.

First, pose for your Twitter pictures so I can do the posts. You know how much I love my Twitter sissy exposure games. Be nice to our guests and do what they say. I know, you are taking it anywhere but your mouth.

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Of course, you can blame it on Susan for starting this whole process. And, I can send her a thank you note for getting you ready to be a good little bitch.

Where are all my little pay piggies? Come play with me tonight! Call me and let’s have some fun!