Tease and Denial: Turning the Tables On Cock Tease!

Sir spent HOURS today turning the tables on his dirty cock tease; giving her more tease and denial than she could stand! He undressed me slowly. He used rough-hewn rope to tie my hands and ankles to the bed posts. I was tied elaborate knots. TIGHT knots. My body was stretched out so tightly I could barely even wiggle.

… and then he began.

First, he softly ran his strong hands all over my body in light, feathery strokes. He smiled as he watched goosebumps spread over my flesh and my nipples harden. He took out my wand and ran it heavily over those big, extra-sensitive nipples. They were already aching with the anticipation of what was to come next, as was my pussy. But he was just getting started! I squirmed, becoming overstimulated. I panted, I moaned. Then I begged for him to stop!

… he didn’t stop until HE was ready.

Then he turned his attention to my wide-open, tied down legs. He spread my pussy lips open gently with his fingers; teasing at my clit with his thumb  and making me jump. He slowly increased the pressure; playing until it was nice and hard, and I was grinding into his hand. Then with a smile, he stopped. The look on my face must have been so disappointed, because I heard him laugh softly. Suddenly I felt that wand slide between my legs and turn on, full power. That sudden jolt was almost painful against my sensitive little clit, and I squirmed to the side, trying to ease the pressure.

Another low chuckle from him as he easily captured my hip and shoved it firmly back down onto the bed. Soon, it wasn’t too much; I was arching my back up and grinding into it, letting out whimpering little moans, eyes closed. Suddenly I felt his rough hand circle my throat; heard his low command to open my eyes and look at him. He said one word as he increased the pressure and started to work up and down the length of my wet slit.


I struggled to hold back, but he was making it SO hard! I wanted to be good and do as he commanded, but… soon I was whimpering and grinding against the smooth head of the wand again, begging to cum; telling him I couldn’t help it, if he didn’t stop I was going to cum! No matter what I said he patiently repeated the words, over and over.”You don’t have permission to cum.”  I could feel my body tensing… shaking… I was begging, pleading for permission, knowing that at any moment, I wouldn’t be able to hold back any longer!

That’s when he stopped.

I was a curious mix of relieved and disappointed. I wanted to cum! Can’t handle tease and denial! I’m the one that does the teasing!! Just as I started to relax, I felt the vibration from the wand start up again. This time, it took even less time before I was on the edge. Over and over he teased me, laughing softly, then stopped just as I was on the verge of going over the edge. I was growing frustrated; growling and begging. Whining, and pleading. Normally this bratty behavior would have infuriated him, but today? He just laughed. My body was streaked with sweat. Was almost crying with the need to cum. I wanted it! I kept begging, over and over.

“Please! I want it! SO bad! I need it! PLEAAAAASE!” 

Did he give me the release I needed so badly? The intense orgasm that he made me so desperately crave?

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