Tumblr Sex Stories: Super Sexy Vampirism at its BEST

Are you prepared for one of many amazing Tumblr Sex Stories that is so tantalizing you won’t be able to stop reading it once you start? A Story so intriguing it will leave you racing to your phone to pick it up and give me a call! Allowing yourself to think outside the box. Taking a journey with me through a crazy, insane, sexy, Tumblr Inspired Sex Story!

So, now you are wondering what a Barely Legal Phone Sex Princess can do to make your head spin, right? Allow me to tell you a Tumblr Inspired Sex Story that’s close to my sweet little heart! Ever since Twilight came out! VAMPIRES ARE SO SEXY!!!!

In my dream fantasy, I am sitting in bed late at night thinking about the man I saw earlier in the day. Talk, Dark, and handsome… I wanted him, I’ve been thinking about him non-stop. The way he looked at me, almost as if he was looking through me… like he could see into my soul. I knew in that very moment that I wanted to feel him touching me. To Caress my body and making me feel totally weak.

That’s when I heard a faint scratching at the window. Someone was outside softly tapping their nails against the glass.

Someone wanted into my Phone Sex Bedroom in this Tumblr Inspired Sex Story…

You could imagine how shocked I would be when I went to the window, peeking outside and I knew then what was going on. He needed permission to enter my bedroom, to come in and make me his.

I was terrified looking into his eyes, seeing the way he looked at me. But, in this moment I knew exactly what I needed to do. It was almost as if he was speaking to me through his gaze, his eyes working their way across my body. I Slowly leaned forward opening the window and asking him to come in.

With one bounding leap, he was through the threshold of my window. Before I knew it, he was pushing me against the floor, and slowly sinking his teeth into my neck.

However, that wasn’t all he was sinking into me…


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