The true story about how I lost my virginity.

I was newly 16 and I had been dating my current boyfriend for almost a year when I lost my virginity.

It was a beautiful Saturday in the Florida Keys and here I was, inside. Laying in my bed wrapped around Christian. We were watching Finding Nemo in my room while my mom was in the next room doing some work on the computer.

About 20 minutes into the movie I felt something move under my leg. It was his cock! I looked up at him, blushing, and I asked.

“Do you have a boner right now?!”

He looked down at me

“Blair, You’re wearing a very lowcut shirt and I can see all of your tits. You’re the most beautiful girl in the world”

I started kissing him and moved my hand down to his cock.

I rubbed on the outside of his pants. All of the sudden he got on top of me and started unbuttoning my pants

“Christian. I’m really nervous. This is my virginity…”

He kissed my cheek and said

“I know you want this Blair”

He got my pants off and pulled his cock out. It was so much bigger than I had imagined!

He slid his cock into my little virgin pussy and I let out a quiet moan.

He was ramming me so hard that it seemed like he had wanted to do this forever.

My mom knocked on the door and he put his hand over my mouth so I couldn’t talk.

She kept calling my name and knocking on the door.

He slammed into me even harder.

We heard my mom fumbling around looking through her key ring to open my door.

And as she was slipping the key into the hole he filled me up with hot cum.

He quickly rolled over and pulled the blanket over us.

When my mom opened my door we looked sound asleep.

She closed the door and he kissed me.

“That was my virginity too, Blair.” He said.

We went back to watching the movie and I eventually fell asleep. I was so tired from being fucked that hard and for the first time ever!

And that is how I lost my virginity (:

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