True Sex Stories: No real woman would ever want to get near that tiny little cock and balls.

True Sex Stories: Yes, he is a Six Foot Five Panty Boy With A Tiny Baby sized cock and balls. He has been wearing girly panties as far back as he can remember. He likes the Silky ones that feel nice against his little clitty dick.

It isn’t just small, it is two inches long, thin with tiny balls. He has what is called a Micro Penis.  His balls look like a baby’s. When he told me he was six feet five inches tall, I kinda felt sorry for this tiny dicked loser, but not much. He is not a man and he knows it. He wishes he were born a girl and I don’t blame him. I thought about it but couldn’t really find much sympathy for him. We have found that he does have one purpose in life, to be the object of my ridicule and amusement.

He tried to make it appear sexy by getting a piercing but that made it look even more ridiculous.

He has resigned himself to the fact that all he is good for is to be humiliated and treated like the pathetic loser he is. No real woman would ever want to get near that tiny little cock and balls. My girlfriends and I love to laugh at him and call him names.

Now he craves it and has realized he deserves to be  belittled and punished.

Humiliation that is what he needs, and I am more than happy to give it to him….and you.

Are you a tiny dicked loser? Call me and let me have some fun at your expense. You must know that is the only attention will get from a Hot Milf like me.

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