True Sex Stories: My First DP Experience was so amazing,

I get off on telling you horny studs about my True Sex Stories. I’m not just wild on the phone, but I’m a natural-born slut. My First DP Phone Sex Experience was so amazing, I just have to share.

I have had many firsts that I will always remember. The first time I had sex, the first time a guy shot his load inside me. But the first time I’ve been thinking about recently is my first time getting DPed from 2 hot guys. I was only in my early twenties, and quite adventurous. One time when we were at this college party I had to push the limits yet again and pop the cherry on my tight asshole. Once the drinks got flowing my inhibitions were soon gone. Threesome Sex Stories are so damn hot!

My boyfriend took me into an upstairs room and on the way up I whispered to him that I wanted to go upstairs with his best friend as well. It didn’t take much convincing. The three of us made it up the stairs and they were hard and ready. I was getting wet just thinking about having fun with these two guys.

After some kissing and oral, I was on top riding my man. I leaned forward and soon felt another cock slide inside my tight asshole. The pain was mixed with pleasure as they worked their magic on my willing body. It was amazing, so full and tight. They fucked my holes so good, first nice and slow and then faster and harder. I can’t describe the feeling other than absolutely fucking fantastic.  We all had orgasms together and then did it again.

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