So I’ve been thinking about this day for about a couple months now and I just CANT seem to get it off my mind. Well, story is… I was vacationing in Jamaica and I was all alone because I had just recently broken up with my boyfriend. As soon as I got there I was so hungry from the plane ride I just had to order room service. 20 minutes later I received a knock at the door. With that being said I was greeted by what looked like a Jamaican God. He asked me to look over my food and make sure everything was to my liking. I just couldn’t seem to get my words or thoughts together. The first thing that seeped from my lips was “I’m not sure with this light. Why don’t you come inside for a better look?” As he sashayed into my room I couldn’t help but notice his 9 inch cock print bulging through his shorts. I couldn’t let him leave. At this point my sweet juices had almost ran down to my knees because I don’t believe in panties. He noticed. I couldn’t believe this was happening so I covered my face and bashfully turned my head and looked the other way. He smiled and grabbed the hand I was then using and proceeded to meet me half way with his slightly erect penis. I stroked it a little and then found myself on my knees. As I sucked, slobbered, and gobbled all his manhood I felt it growing and pulsating. I lost it! I began deep throating like never before. All in one instant he picked me up and slide every single piece of him inside me. It began with long, slow, and deep strokes. Holding me in one arm he used the other to rip my towel off and throw it somewhere around my room. He then used all his force to throw me off and push me against the dresser. He pounded my sweet little pussy so hard I thought I was going to go through the wall. But some way somehow we ended up on the floor rolling around fucking like rabbits. I then found myself on top of him bouncing my little butt while squeezing my pussy so tight around his dick like a mad woman. I ended up one more final time on knees trying to suck him until he was all dried out. I licked on his balls like it was tastiest thing my tongue ever met. I continued to jerk him off and suck him so hard he finally exploded in mouth. I kept sucking until all his cum filled the back of my throat and dripped down my face. After I licked it all clean we laughed and obviously exchanged numbers. Let’s just say that was a hell of welcoming! Lol