Trash Mistress Disposal Fetish fantasy role play at your disposal.

“Trash Mistress Disposal Fetish,” what a mouth full! If those words make your cock jump, you’re probably looking for a humiliatrix to dispose of you once and for all like the (in)human garbage you are.

It’s no secret I think ALL men are emotionally diseased garbage. And so naturally, humiliation phone sex is my forte, passion, literal fucking “calling.” Disposal fetishes are my pleasure to indulge during our no limits, no taboos (really ALL taboos) call. Yeah, I pretend you giving yourself to me completely for “consumption” purposes has some and/or a different meaning during Femcan Mistress calls. But let’s be honest. You. Are. Fucking. Worthless.

The best outcome of your pathetic, inferior male existence is ending up in my trash can. It’s an honor, really. I have much better shit to do than pack you up and stuff you in there. And my GODDESS, I’ll probably have to pay an extra fee for using the compostable yard waste bin! I can only hope you show some serious fucking GRATITUDE.

Waiting, covered in garbage, is all just part of the perverted disposal fetish joy for you.

I prefer taboo phone sex role play to emulating fellatio noises ANY day. And as far as my pussy? You’ll never, EVER see it or touch it. It gets me MUCH wetter to hear the garbage truck cumming down the street, getting closer to my house with you packed tight inside the bin than “normal sex” with a man does. I’m much better at pleasuring myself than you could ever hope to be. And that’s why I appreciate your “sacrifice” so much, because you know and accept that ABSOLUTE truth!

Just as John Waters is the “Pope Of Trash,” I am your/the Trash Mistress Disposal Fetish Queen. And guess what? It’s fucking garbage day ALL day when you (finally) pick up the phone and give me a call. Hurry up before the truck cums!

ABDL Phone Sex