I love me a hot shemale!


Since June is Pride month I love to celebrate it by going out and being my true pansexual self. By having as much sex with as many people as possible. I get started by hooking up and having transgender pride sex. Sheila was one fine shemale and I couldn’t wait to get under her skirts! She is everyone’s wet dream.

With 38 DD tits and a curvy body to die for, Sheila also has quite the package! It makes all my nights having college babe masturbation to thoughts of hot chicks with big tits and big dicks all worth it! Transgender pride sex should be on everyone’s fuck-it list. It’s been on mine for years and having it was the hottest thing ever!

Her big tits have me mesmerized!

After meeting up at the local LGBTQ bar and having a few drinks we head back to her place. Kissing in the Uber and putting on one hell of a show for the driver. He didn’t even charge us! If he knew this was transgender pride sex…I bet he still would get off to us fucking! Maybe I should of taken some pics?!

Anyways, we get back to her place and start going hot and heavy with kissing. Taking each others clothes off as we make it to her room. Looking Sheila over and seeing her 9 inch hard cock jutting out at me. I licked my lips and dropped to my knees. Sucking her cock like it’s my last meal!

Transgender pride sex is way too much fun!

Sheila pulls me off of her cock and lays me on her bed. Licking and fingering my wet cunt till I quirt all over her face. Sheila climbs up my body and slides her big cock into me. We start fucking hard and fast. Sucking on each other’s tits and feeling them rub against the others nipples. Feeling my pussy squeeze and milk this shemale’s cock has me going over the edge!

Flipping Sheila over onto her back, I climb on top and start riding her. Grinding my hips as I take her cock in and out slowly. “Fuck me faster,” Sheila groans out to me. I bounce a little bit faster and faster on her cock. Both of us moaning and panting as we fuck. I feel another orgasm crash through me as we keep fucking.

Shemale’s can fuck for hours for transgender pride sex!

Sheila takes me to my hands and knees and starts fucking me from behind. Doing it doggy feels just as amazing as all the other positions. Transgender pride sex is moving to the top of my fav fucks list! She starts pounding me deeper and grabbing me by my hair. Slamming her hard cock into my cunt until we both cum.

Sheila’s cum splashes my pussy walls as I milk her. Draining herself into me completely. I crash back onto the bed and she crawls between my thighs. “Let me clean up the mess I just made,” she says as she runs her tongue up my cunt. I moan as I lay back and let her do just that.



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