Dear Stranger,

I know that you’ve been watching me, stalking me….

I know when I walk by in my impossibly long heels you can’t help but drink in the sight of my sexy long legs and I know my nice round ass makes your mouth water. I know at night you stroke your throbbing cock to all the thoughts of what you want to do to me. The thought of burying that rod in my tight puckered star fish makes you explode.

You don’t know my name but you wish that you did because yesterday when I bent down to pick up my purse you caught a glimpse of my beautiful pussy (I wasn’t wearing any panties) and you nearly came from just the sight and wanted to call out my name, that night when you were jerking your cock you decided unloading in my pussy and leaving such a hot mess deep inside was much more appealing than pounding away at my ass.

What you don’t know is that I’ve been purposely taunting and teasing you with my body, every time I casually fiddle with my necklace between my giant breasts (spilling out of that low-cut top) I’m making you look and grow hungry for them, hungry for this beautiful body. I’m baiting you in my body singing that sirens song and waiting for you to become so impossibly hooked that you follow me home…

Thats when I know I’ve got you right where I want you and when you slide that cock in you’ll be forever hooked, when you hear my voice you’ll be completely lost and powerless to me. I’ll have you completely under my thumb and I’ll become your sun,moon, stars, and earth. No one will be able to snap you out of my trance….

Pick up the phone you’ve already lost yourself to me….