Together yet alone…

You are not my husband; however, over the last several months you have become the only man in my dreams and fantasies.  We are unable to fight the desire we feel for one another, and together we decide the weekend before Valentine’s Day, to finally meet face to face.

I drive almost four hours in an unexpected snowstorm.  When I pull up the drive to the cabin you’ve rented for us, the sight of your truck simultaneously makes me nervous yet wet.  My heart pounds so loud I wonder if you hear me approach.

I open my car door and, as I reach over to the passenger seat to get my duffel bag, I look up to see you walking through the snow towards me.  Our eyes meet, and the passion between us is so intense I can’t speak.  Without taking our eyes off one another, you gently pull me out of the car and carry me into the cabin, my duffel bag forgotten.

Once inside, we’re no longer aware of the howling wind or the icy snowflakes pelting the dwelling’s windows.  The heat between us isn’t from the flames in the fireplace, but from the several months of pent up emotion and raw, primal lust.  Our lips meet in a hot, searing, passionate kiss.

Although insane with need, I pull back.  Again looking into each other’s eyes, we silently agree that no matter how desperate we are to possess each other completely, we want every moment of our time together etched permanently in our memories. We steady our breathing and hand in hand, walk toward the fireplace.

You reach up and pull the chain hanging from the ceiling fan and with the exception of the bright flames, we are alone together in the dark.