Tiny Dick Dog Sitter

Last weekend I went out of town with some girlfriends to the beach. I had to ask my neighbor if he’d watch my German Shepherd, Harley as well as my house. I had no problem letting him have a a spare key and taking care of Harley, but that’s all because I have surveillance cameras all trough the house. So I just watched them and let me tell you…my dog and the neighbor bonded quite well. Oh and he has a tiny dick!

I have a camera right over the fireplace pointing directly at the recliner Harley loves. The neighbor sat there next to him, clearly bored out of his mind and horny because his pants were down around his ankles. I totally had to zoom in to get a look a his tiny little member. Gosh, that tiny dick must have been 3 MAYBE 4 inches.  He had one hand on his cock and one petting Harley and began furiously masturbating….at least it looked like it.

When you have a tiny dick your hand practically cover all of it, who knows if he even cums with that tiny set of balls!

I fast forwarded the recording and Harley had jumped down in between in legs and started licking his cock! Ugh, he licked my face when I got home! The neighbor was hands free letting my dog give him the oral session of a lifetime. But honestly, watching the whole thing made me wet. I admit…Harley has had a taste of my pussy too. There’s something about the K9 tongue, they can just lick for hours!

I found myself rubbing my pussy to the sight of this man getting his tiny dick licked by my dog. He pushed his cock further into Harley’s mouth gripping the sides of my recliner. I remember when I made the same move when Harley was licking my pussy! I can’t blame the little tiny dick neighbor…no wonder he said he’d watch my dog for free….

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