It’s Time For Your Prostate Exam!

It’s that time again…some male doctor your age gets to stick his finger in your ass for a prostate exam. I know you’re really excited even though you don’t show it, hehe. Well to your pleasant surprise he’s on vacation with his family and has asked another colleague to step in and take over his appointments that week. And you lucky son of a bitch, that colleague is me!

I’m Dr. Victoria, the pleasure is all mine I assure you. Welcome to a relaxing visit to the doctor, where all your pre-conceived notions mean nothing as soon as you hear me call your name as next. You look up so wonderfully surprised to see my doctor’s coat hinting at a tight little dress, and heels that fit my perfect size 7 feet magnificently. No need to pinch yourself, I’m real!

Just because I’m all about keeping up appearances and professionalism, I talk to you about all the notes on your chart. Could be doing a little better here, this is great, that’s an improvement…I may even take time to listen to any symptoms you have. And then….DING!

The little box next to the prostate exam hasn’t been checked off yet, and I’m about to happily change that!

Ok so now that I have you standing please drop your pants and underwear, and turn around and bend slightly. Actually, you know what? Take this shirt off too, I wouldn’t want anything in the way of the most fun, I mean the important exam of the visit. Snap goes the glove and I can feel your heart begin to race, seeming nervous. All that goes away when you feel the latex glove wrapped around your shaft, slowly beginning to stroke.

You see I like to do prostate exams differently, I’ve studied it’s a more accurate exam if I make you fully erect…I see that’s been no problem! I start to slowly massage in between your cheeks. It’s much much better to stimulate the outer areas before entering any cavity. I reach up and pinch your nipples as my other hand slides in between, almost torturing your tight hole. That’s it….just relax! The tip of my finger is right on the outside of your ass and I wiggle in before plunging in fully, still pinching your nipple. I quickly add another finger and pump in and out. I see you’ve reached up and started jerking your cock…

somebody wants to be milked!

I insert another finger and I’m working all my fine muscles, my fingers, wrist, and hand all in sync to massage your prostate. Everything feels great, now I’m just having fun! Allllll the way in that’s it. I just hold my fingers inside you hearing you groan, almost begging for me to keep massaging. Your breath is getting shorter and shorter and your balls release the cum shooting out of your tip all over the table! Perfect! Looking at a huge load of cum, it’s practically a puddle. I see that this will be an unforgettable doctor’s visit. Prostate Exam: Check!

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