Dear Diary: Getting Down On My Filthy Knees To Please Master

When I first met master, I had no idea just how much of a whore he was going to make me. With him I have but one purpose and that’s to please master. I don’t know his name, I don’t know where he lives or anything. All I know is that when Master says to jump, I ask how high and nothing more. Master made it crystal clear to me that I am to obey, or my husband will find out all of my naughty secrets. I simply couldn’t allow that to happen. So my only choice was to obey and please Master.

I first met Master through my husband, while at church. Based on first impressions, he looked like a gentle old soul. I pegged him at around 80 years old or so. Despite his age however, he was still very active and very attractive. Immediately Paul, aka Master became a very involved member of our congregation. He fit in very nicely with all of us.

One day, while hubby was on retreat Paul stopped by. His visit was unexpected, but I didn’t think anything of it. Paul stated that he had been in the area and wanted to see if I needed anything, seeing as though my husband was out-of-town. Naturally I invited him in and offered him fresh sun brewed sweet tea. I pride myself on my southern hospitality and wasn’t about to let the man just stand out there in that heat.

The moment Paul entered my home, things took a drastic turn.

About a moment after I heard the door shut behind me, I felt an arm wrap around my throat. Paul was choking me and I began to panic. I didn’t know what in the holy hell to do. I literally just froze there like a deer in headlights. He gripped me up by my shoulders and turned my around so fast my head was spinning. He looked at me straight in the eyes and said, “From this moment on bitch, when we’re alone you will refer to me as Master. Do you fucking understand me?” He gripped my hair up tighter in his grasp. With tears in my eyes I mustered, “Yes Master!”

It was then that Master shoved me violently onto the floor and demanded I give his cock the best suck he’s ever had. He made it clear to me that if I didn’t comply and even thought about telling anyone that he was going to tell my husband. Reluctantly I agreed to comply with all of Master’s demands and then some. The thrill of it all was most definitely a turn on, I must admit. The next thing I knew I felt a rush come over me, as I began to gag on that hard uncut cock. There I was on my knees like a cheap adulteress whore, sucking like I’ve never sucked before. And I loved every single minute of it.

There I was on my knees like a cheap adulteress whore, sucking like I’ve never sucked before. And I loved every single minute of it.

It wasn’t long before Master was taking full advantage of his new-found position. He had been doing things beyond my wildest dreams and more. On one hand I hated that he was able to hold anything like this over my head, but then again I loved being his little slave. There was something incredibly kinky about the whole thing. I’d love nothing more than to tell you ever single detail darlin, but you’re gonna have to give me a call. Are you ready for me to please you Master? Do you want to dominate and blackmail me darlin? I am here and ready.

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