Tie me up and cover me in hot wax!

I’d needed him to dominate me for a while now. I wanted to feel helpless underneath his strong and muscular body. I felt his body push into mine as he had me on my back, tying my hands above my head to the headboard. I let out a soft moan of pleasure as he pressed his lips to mine. The whole time he was insanely gentle yet very forceful and in control. He had my wrists synched together tighter than comfortable. Every time I moved I could feel it burn slightly. Before He had even started to tie me up he lite 3 separate candles. I assumed for the romantic aspect but then I started to second-guess myself. He was going to use that hot wax on my body. I began to tingle just thinking about that warmth being poured all over my body.

He quickly placed a blindfold on me before he got started with his kinky fun. After I was unable to see anything, all my other senses were on fire. I could hear every tiny noise he made. My stomach was doing flips as I felt his mouth run up my legs closer to my sweet spot. He pulled my knees up and let them drop open to the side so that I was now completely exposed. I felt his mouth close down on my button and I immediately bucked up into his mouth. He pressed my hips hard down onto the bed so that I couldn’t move. He continued to suck on me but as I neared my release he’d stop. He did this multiple times. By the end I was begging for that explosion. I was so close yet he wouldn’t let me finish.

As I lie in complete misery yet immense pleasure I felt something insanely hot hit my right breast. I screamed out with pain. Thankfully the pain didn’t last for long at all. It quickly went away but then it was there again, now on my right breast. Letting out another cry I heard him chuckle under his breath. He was greatly enjoying watching me squirm while he slowly brought me to that brink of pleasure.

After the wax had dried on my tits, he told me to draw my knees up and let them fall open again. I was nervous in doing this but I did as I was told. I trusted him more than anything and I knew I’d have an orgasmic release soon. I felt his hands run up and down the inside of my thighs, and then without warning, he was pouring hot wax into my pussy! I bucked harder than I ever had. I was on fire but I also didn’t want it to stop. Before it got a chance to harden completely he shoved his cock straight into my cunt.

He fucked me hard and fast, pushing us both into our releases together. I came so hard I began to squirt. I could see it splashing up his cock. Giving up all that control was the best decision I could’ve made. We spent the rest of the night in bed holding each other, enjoying the bliss we were still feeling!

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