Hold Still – Tickle Mistress Teases You Into Submission!

It’s so hard to remain still when your tickle mistress teases your very cock into utter submission!  You seem rather shocked.  I know you’re salivating!  Come now every one of us gets off to something different.  On the contrary, some of us enjoy beautiful feet, cuckolds, and sexy public masturbation as example.

Just close your eyes and Mistress will take you there.  I’m so cunning and sweet you would never suspect I would do such conniving things to you.  I would throw a party so lavish you would never be able to say no.  Everyone would be there at the gala all dressed up.  You see a beautiful lady dressed in a red silk strapless dress.  You can’t help but wonder what is under my dress.  Your eyes skin beyond my dress to my open-toed heels.  My dainty toes peek out from under all the silk folds of my lavish gown.

My eyes entice you to dance with me.  At first, my fingers trace lightly over your neck as well as the sides of your arm.  I caress your sides to see if you are especially ticklish in that area.  Next, I invite you upstairs to come to meet some of my friends.  I suggest you may be more comfortable with me instead of all of the noise.  You hesitate, but only for a moment, and gladly follow me up the stairs.

I know I will have you soon!

Ordinarily, some men would have run away by now, but you seem quite captivated by my hypnotizing eyes.  The depths of my blue eyes beckons you beyond the threshold of my lair.  My friends are waiting there in the room.  Some of them start to giggle without mercy.  There must be nearly ten beautiful girls all dressed in beautiful similar multicolored dresses.

Other than an odd-looking table the room is pretty barren of all other furnishings.  There is a rack of odd implements hanging on the wall.  At my instructions, one of the lovely ladies grabs you and forces you on your back.  The other girls strap you down to the table with your arms above your head and your legs spread.

Next, one of the giggling girls takes a feather from the rack and starts rubbing the soft tips first to the left and then to the right.  You start to squirm laughing and recoiling, to no avail.  It is utterly futile to resist.  Your cock stands up instantly, so hard and ready.  Moreover, your balls look so full ready to burst.  We are far from done with you.  The girls take turns tickling you with feathers and brushes.

You feel long nails brushing your sides.

You scream in both discomfort and intense pleasure at the same time as my girls tickle your sides, the soles of your feet, balls, and your cock.  Inside you cry for Mistress to relieve you of the intense pressure that you are feeling.  Together with my band of sexy vixens, we will hold you captive.  On the contrary, your tickle mistress teases so well why would you want to be anywhere else?

Tickling and so many more things to explore can be yours when you call for your very own fetish phone sex!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke