Three way masturbation on a public bus!

Three way masturbation isn’t something I thought I’d ever do. Especially with two complete strangers. Looking back, it’s easy to see that prom night changed something in me. Although I’d set out to lose my virginity, that night was beyond what I had imagined. I began to notice the sexual advances and the innuendo that happened regularly but I had missed until then. I remained very shy however and rarely followed upon the advances. Not because I didn’t want to do more, but that I couldn’t.

One Friday evening I went to meet friends at the skate park, which doubled as the local hang out. Deciding it was time to call it a night, dressed in a short frilly white summer skirt and t-shirt, the cold had become too much. So, after saying my goodbyes I made my way to the bus stop, which took me almost to my door.

Arriving with 5 minutes to spare, a guy walked onto the platform and stood reading the timetables, and every so often looked at his watch. Realizing I was staring, I averted my gaze and looked at the posters on the wall. After the second time reading them I could feel this guy’s gaze and look up. I caught his stare. He snapped out of his trance, looked up into my eyes, and smiled.

Cute I thought just as the bus rolled up, putting an end to that thought.

I walked up the stairs and grabbed the seat at the front, which faced out into the rest of the bus meaning I could see everything that was occurring. The guy sat on the left-hand side seats about three in front of me. Apart from this guy and myself, there was another middle-aged guy on the right-hand side seats directly opposite the bus stop.

Although I often choose to use this seat I was beginning to regret it as I noticed these two guys had nothing to look at except me, who was facing them only 3 rows away, feeling awkward. I dipped my head and looked at the floor. Little did I know it would turn into a three way masturbation session.

After a few minutes, I was aware of the feeling I had on the platform that I was being stared at. I looked up and they both sat eyes fixed on me. Why? I thought. Then it clicked. They weren’t looking at my face but towards my waist and legs. I let out a gasp under my breath as I noticed that my skirt had ridden slightly, revealing my pink lace panties and my outer thigh. Oh, no what am I going to do? I thought. Looking up again I saw the two men hadn’t moved their gaze. I sat frozen for a minute unsure of how to adjust myself without creating a fuss.

What I did next shocked even me.

Looking directly forward and passed the guys I slowly started to open my legs. I could feel the smiles as I widened them, exposing the netting on the lace panties. The netting was treating them to a peak of the landing strip hair I waxed yesterday. I felt a feeling of power.

I lowered my hand and began to stroke the inside of my thigh, still not giving eye contact. Moving my hand up to the panties, I moved the edge into my grasp and pulled the side of the panties up flashing the slightest bit of ass. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a movement by the guy from the window seat. Then heard what sounded like a zipper unfastening. I couldn’t resist. I look at the guy on my left. He had moved to the edge of the seat his legs hanging over into the aisle, and he had a massive manhood in his hand stroking his tool till it was standing tall.

Seeing this the other guy shuffled into a similar position, unzipped his fly, and took hold of his growing member. Rising slightly, my panties slid over my ass. I slid them off before returning to my seat.

I put the panties in my bag and returned my hand between my legs.

As I did I noticed heavy breathing as the guys were in full throw rapidly running their hands over the shafts of their cocks in a three way masturbation. I shut my eyes and began to insert my longest two fingers into my wet pussy and started strumming fast, aware that my stop was approaching soon.

After a few moments, I opened my eyes, hearing the groans increase in volume and regularity looking at the guy on the right, the noisiest of the two. I saw his face tense, looking at his cock he stopped stroking and held the base slightly pulling the foreskin back until he erupted with a loud moan, the spunk dripped from his cock. Looking at the other guy, he looked at me and as if on cue, he shuddered and came. His load traveled, landing a few feet in front of me.

The guys sat back and returned their now flaccid cocks to their pants just as my stop was called. I stopped fingering myself and stood, taking my bag that had my panties and walked past the guys without acknowledging them. As I neared the doors I glanced back and saw the guys sat as if nothing happened. I don’t even think they noticed the wet spot I left on the blue fake leather seat. all that night I wondered how this could have happened, this three way masturbation between strangers and all without a word being spoken.

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