You are my toilet boy, my piss slave, my shit cleaning personal bidet.  You strive to do your best and always suite my every needs.  You wouldn’t have it any other way, ever since the day I caught you sucking my wet soaked piss drenched panties.  You didn’t stand a chance, once I learned your dirty little secret.  

That moment was priceless, but the following hours of tempting and teasing you were endless.  Making you into my very own toilet slave would be my pleasure. “What you aren’t hungry? Thirsty for my golden stream of nectar?” I whispered in your ear, as I brushed past you.  I could easily humiliate in front of all our friends, but I have chosen to keep this our secret. Maybe !?!?! <wicked lil laugh>

You are eager to keep our secret and can’t wait for private time.   Like a hungry dog, I lead you back to my private area for pathetic men just like you.  You can believe your eyes.  As I close the door behind us, I command you to undress and receive my sweet golden nectar.   “Look at you.  You are a little dick pathetic toilet boy.”  You hang your head down in shame and drop to your knees, as you slip your head into the toilet hole.

You are truly pathetic little man.  You know you are pathetic.  You realize this even more, as I leave you alone in a dark room.  Your mind plays games on you, as you attempt to escape.  There is no escaping – you are locked in place.  You are embarrassed, yet so turned on.   You can’t control yourself.   You were caught masturbating with my panties and sucking the crotch of my cotton panties. The room is so dark.   You hear the laughter coming from the other room.  Your mind starts to wander.   “How could she? Are they laughing at me?   Did Raven tell them my naughty little secret?”  Your stiff little dick starts to twitch with excitement, as you hear the key turn in the lock.

“Raven is that you?”  I don’t say anything to you. Suddenly you feel a warm ass smothering your face. “Sniff me, lick me and taste me!” You hear my voice “Worship my ass!” I command you.  Slowly I glide my ass and cunt across your face.  You recognize the scent.  You can’t get enough of me.  here is always time for ass worship phone sex.  You want more of me.  I order you to open your mouth and release my stream of my golden nectar deep into your throat.  My flavorful piss enters into your mouth and dances on your taste buds.  You swallow me in one big gulp.   “Thank you Raven, you taste so good.”  you whimper. <wicked lil laugh>  “You are not done yet.”    This is just the beginning of our BDSM naughty edge-play.  You can’t help yourself you want it.   You are hungry for more toilet training, ATM or watersports training.  It’s time for some anything goes fun with no limitations.

Let’s explore your ass worship phone sex fetish together. Let’s be open-minded together and explore all your secret taboo phone sex fetishes and fantasies.  Are you ready to have your limits pushed? Let’s get in touch with your submissive side together.  Let me push all your boundaries. Do you want to talk about your “SECRET” kinky experiences? Maybe REAL Life experience? I promise not to tell.  It will be our little world to explore together.  Bring it to the table – I’m an anything goes kinda girl. I have no boundaries and neither should you.  Our phone sex experience will be one you will never forget. Masturbating together will leave you breathless and craving more.  The opportunities are countless. Grab your phone, your cock and get ready to lube up for fun.  Let’s get together for some adult chat or are you ready to explore your hidden fetish phone sex? What’s your wild fantasy — I love wild and naughty role-playing.  Anything goes, as long as you cum. Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and let’s cum together. I’m waiting for you now.


Toilet slave phone sex


Kiss Kiss



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