Therapy Session

Therapy Session With Doctor Roxy Will Leave You Wanting More. With those exams I gave you last week, there really is no reason for you to come back again.  You could have just told me you have a thing for doctors, especially ones that like to probe like this doctor does. It would have been pretty obvious by you booking unneeded appointment after appointment that you just wanted me to take advantage of you.

Come step into my private office. There won’t be any regular exam room visits for you anymore. The private office with specialty tools for your mind and body is just where you and I need to be. Don’t worry my kinky patient. One dose of my special elixir will have you feeling no pain and willing to let me do anything the naughty doctor wants.

Come lay face down on the couch. That warming blanket underneath you will keep you perfectly warm. But you won’t need it long! Once your therapy session starts you know you are going to be warmed up. I love to combine therapy with some kinkiness. You’ve heard the stories so you know exactly what I mean. It’s why you came to me in the first place. It’s time to get you addicted to Dr. Roxy.

Whispering in your ear something only you and I will share. I watch your cock as I tell you and watch it twitch and get hard. Ah, so that’s what you want huh. I knew you had a kinky secret way down deep. But never knew that would pleasure you! No worries, your naughty kinktress will be more than happy to oblige you. Let me just put on a trance enhancing movie while I keep whisper those addictive words in your ear. You need it!

Are you ready to let the doctor work on you?

Best Phone Sex!