You’ve always noticed the sexy young girl next door. She wears those tiny short shorts and revealing low-cut tops… it’s as if she’s teasing you. But you’ll soon realize she’s watching you too. She HAS been teasing you, and she’s ready to play!

She begins to cum over to your yard and up to where you’re standing on your porch.

Then she puts out her hand and introduces herself, “Hi, I’m Nina, I  live next door..” she says with a smile.

There was something between them and they both felt it immediately when their hands met. A fire and this one was raging. Their eyes met and lock in an intense embrace. This was going to be good.

He lives alone, a widower. So he was not shy to invite young Nina inside. She was happy he had asked and walks right in. There was no time to think, as soon as the front door shut… it was ON! He grabbed Nina by the waist and lifted her up, as she wrapped her legs around him she could feel his hard-on through his pants. They begin to intensely make out. As he carries Nina to his bedroom, they don’t stop for even a breath.

Once they get to his room he tosses her on the bed and he quickly undresses, Nina begins to undress and the next thing she knows he’s on top of her. He begins to whisper in her ear, “I want you to taste my cum, and I want to make a mess all over you. Do you like cum, Nina?” Without hesitation, Nina screams YES!


She’s already wet from the intimate kissing up the stairs, she was ready for his cum and wanted to please her new neighbor.

Nina has always been friendly with her neighbors and her dad’s friends, she just LOVES older men. He begins to enter her pussy with his hard throbbing cock, her pussy wet enough to slide in and out with ease. Nina was moaning loud and undoubtedly cumming all over herself and her new neighbors cock. The cum from her pussy making his dick slippery and sliding all the way out and slamming back in, cum is the best lubricant. Pumping harder and faster slipping and sliding all over her wet pussy, he’s almost ready to cum!

He makes Nina feel so good and she’s moaning so loud, “More, I want more!” She loves her new neighbor and is excited about their secret affair that was about to be. He’s tensing up, getting closer to the edge, he’s going to cum, and he pulls his cock out right before he’s there and moves up to Nina’s face, he begins to jerk his dick off when he moans and cums, all over Nina’s face and chest. His cum is so warm, it begins to drip down…

Nina loves cum and she’s just right next door…

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