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I love my Daddy so much! For a while now he’s been promising to turn his guest room into my little girl bedroom but he just never seemed to get around to it. I thought he couldn’t be bothered and didn’t like me as much as he said he did. A couple of weeks ago he told me to go online and send him links to things I wanted for my bedroom and I picked out the cutest things ever; a big white bed with heart covered sheets, bubble gum pink paint and curtains, a fluffy rug and a vanity table. I thought he’d look at it and maybe in a few months get around to buying a few things but I was so wrong. Last night I found out that Daddy loves me a lot and would do anything to make me happy.

I went over to spend some time with Daddy and after snuggling up on the couch watching cartoons for a while he told me it was bedtime. I love going to bed with Daddy and I jumped up, eager to get on with it. He stopped me and told me to slow down, he had a little surprise for me. He stood behind me, put his hands over my eyes and took me to the guest room. I heard the door open and blinked as he took his hands off me. My room looked perfect! It was just what I wanted, everything was all pink and girly.

He’d gotten me the big white bed and on top of it were a bunch of soft toys and fluffy pillows. “Is my little girl happy?” he asked me, putting his arms around me and I just had to show him how happy I was.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the bed.

Then I threw myself down on it then dragged him on top of me. “I love it so much Daddy!” I told him and kissed while my hand when down to his dick. So I rubbed him through his trousers until he was hard then pulled away from him. Then I began tugging at his clothes getting him naked. He laid there watching me as I got naked and I guess he couldn’t wait because as soon as I  took off my panties he grabbed my waist. I fell on top of him and his hard-on was pressing against me.

I rubbed my body on his. Teasing him then straightened myself up. I held his dick in my hand and straddled him, lowering myself down as his dick slipped into my dripping pussy. He filled me and I stayed still for a second, enjoying it. “Mmmm Daddy, you feel so good inside me.” I moaned as I began to ride him slowly, his dick sliding past my walls and rubbing them. I got wetter and put my hands on my tits, fondling them for him as he looked up at me. I pinched my nipples and gasped from how sensitive they were.

Daddy pushed up into me and groaned, holding my hips hard and making me move faster on him. I put my hands on his stomach, clenched my pussy and fucked him hard. He groaned and stared at my bouncing tits until I felt him get bigger in me and I panted “Cum inside me Daddy!”.

Daddy let himself go and shot his load deep inside of my tight teen pussy.

I rode him as it filled me and came a minute later. Afterwards I stayed on Daddy and looked around my new room “I’m going to be spending a lot of time in here.” I told him and he smiled at me.

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