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Did you think this horny teen stepdaughter story was over? It’s far from over! What I did this week may have been the most twisted thing I have done to him thus far. Like I said before, his big dick keeps me coming back for more. This time this teen tricks stepdad into bed. After fucking my stepdad in the bathroom he tried again to break things off with me. I knew I had to do something dramatic to keep him around. So I leave him a little note on the kitchen counter. The note instructs him to go upstairs that I have something really naughty I want to do to him. I may have been a little deceiving by pretending to be mommy. But how else was I suppose to pull this off? When he got to the bedroom there was another note waiting for him on the bed.

The note instructs him to strip naked, blindfold himself and under no circumstances should he remove the blindfold or else. I was very happy to see he followed my instructions to a T. He was laying on the bed, naked, and blindfolded. I quietly tip toe in the room then grab his hands and handcuffed to the headboard. Now he can’t move or see which will make my plan go smoothly. I had to stay quiet so he wouldn’t pick up on my voice. Leaning in I kiss him on the lips then I move my lips down his body. Nibbling on his nipples, and kissing down his stomach. Finally I get down to his cock and wrap my lips around it and suck it. I tease his big daddy dick with my tongue and stroke him into my mouth.

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He’s fighting the handcuffs trying to break free. I’m not worried because he’ll never be able to break out of them. His cock is throbbing and I know he’s fighting the urge to cum inside my mouth. I crawl up and straddle him. Now he is inside me and I’m riding him hard. I don’t hold back and grinding down on him really hard. He screams he’s going to cum and I stop. “You better not cum yet” I say out loud. He picks up on my voice and says “Kelsey?” I pull off the blindfold revealing myself. Talk about teen tricks stepdad right? He rattles the headboard trying to free himself. “Let me out.” I just giggle and start slowly riding him again. “Are you sure you want me to stop?” He says yes but his moans and groans tell me that’s not true.

Grinding up and down slowly I ask again “Are you sure?” Daddy doesn’t answer this time. He moans louder and thrust up inside me. I stop and act like I’m going to get off him. “But if you want me to stop I will stop.” He screams don’t stop. I grind back down on his cock and demand him to tell me he wants me. He tells me he wants me. Then I make him agree to never stop fucking me. He is mine and I am his. I unlock his handcuffs then he shoves me back and fucks me. While he’s thrusting inside me he says he will never deny me again. But these are all things I have heard before. And this time I have him on camera. That’s right! This time I have my stepdad on video and with good editing I can keep this for blackmail.

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