Teen Tease-Daddy You Know You Can’t Resist Me!

Teen Tease-Daddy You Know You Can’t Resist Me! Yes, I love to tease all the Daddy’s, and I always have. The first time I knew I could tease a man was when I spent the night with my friend. Her Daddy kept staring at me all night. He came and sat beside me on the floor as we were playing video games. He laughed and joked with us all night. My friend, Missy, said her Daddy doesn’t usually hand out so much.

So I kept coming back it became a Friday night routine to spend the night at her house, and sometimes my Mom would let me stay all weekend. It was that first weekend when I realized that her Dad had been flirting with me, and he accused me of being a tease.

We were downstairs playing ping pong, and Missy went upstairs to talk to her boyfriend on the phone. After she left, Dad came around the table and put his hand on my hip as I bent over the counter to straighten the net. “Simone, you have been teasing me, and I don’t think I can take it much longer.” he kind growled in a low tone.

Suddenly my heart leaped, and I felt all warm and wet. My vagina suddenly began to ache. I stood up, and when I did, I could feel my back and butt pressed against his hard body. His arms encircled me and pulled me tighter against him. I felt a hard bulge pressing into my lower back and knew it was wrong, but it felt so good. Unable to speak, my body responded instinctively.

He moaned loudly!

I slightly rolled my hips and lifted onto my tiptoes, pressing his bulge against my bottom. He suddenly pushed me forward-leaning me over the table. With one hand on the back of my shoulders and the other massaging my small round butt, he moaned loudly. Continuing to massage my butt cheeks and down my thighs, he whispered into my ear as he bent over me, “I need you”.

I had some clue how this went down, but I was a virgin. It was simple. I could not help myself though I had to tease him. Moving my hips back and forth, I rubbed against his straining bulge. “You are such a damn cock tease little girl, and you are going to get yourself fucked,” he growled. He released me, and I stood. I loved the power I had teasing him. So I walked over to the couch and sat down.

Looking at him and not sure what to do, I spread my legs — wearing my sexy pair of short cut off jeans. Teasing him was easy as I took my fingers and traced slowly up and down the inside of my thighs like he was doing earlier. It was amazing watching him as he moved his hand back and forth against the bulge in his pants. Suddenly he walked over to stand in front of me and pulled his penis out. Needing very much to touch it,  I didn’t because I loved the way he was watching me.


My own body was aching, and I could feel my vagina getting wetter. “Play with your pussy, you teen tease,” he commanded. So I started rubbing myself through my jeans. Touching my pussy lips and scratching it through my jeans was a fantastic sensation, but when I stroked over my clit, I exploded.

He stood before me, stroking himself slowly. So I slipped my shorts off and stood before him in my little white panties. Sitting back on the couch, I spread my legs again. This time I slipped my hand inside my panties to tease him. “I want to see you,” he almost begged. I had touched myself before but always stopped when it started feeling too overwhelming. Today I was not going to stop. I squeezed my tiny breasts and rubbed my clit. I reached down and pulled my panties to the side to give him a glimpse of my wet pussy.

Doing that, I drove him past the point of control. He dropped to his knees and began kissing and licking my teen pussy. “This is so wrong, and I swore I would not touch you, but I can’t help myself” he was lost.  Just as I was also lost in sensation with one leg draped over his shoulder and the other spread wide. He licked and tasted every inch of me from my ass to my clit. I had never felt anything more pleasing in all my life.

We were both so lost in our play that neither of us noticed Missy had returned and was watching us. Of course, she was no innocent herself because we both loved being a bratty teen tease.

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