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I’ve seen how unfulfilled you are with your wife. I can hear the thoughts swirling around inside of your head. She doesn’t like to suck your dick, and she’s a total prude. You wish that you could cheat on her, but you would feel too guilty. Guilt is a complete and utter waste of time. Luckily, this naughty teen succubus knows just how to make you weak, so that you surrender!

I come to you late at night when you’re the most vulnerable. You’re already tossing and turning with a raging hard-on from the images that I’m implanting in your mind. Your wife is in a deep sleep next to you as I draw near. My warm breath caresses your ear as I whisper for you to awaken. You still believe that you’re dreaming as you take in my tight young body displayed so very provocatively before you. I’m the teen temptress that you’ve been aching for night after night.

You know that logically there is no way that the young school girl next door is naked on your bed. That very thought lulls you into a false sense of security. You figure this is just one more in a long stream of wet dreams you’ve been having of her. My soft, feminine hands gently open your thighs as I settle between them. You completely forget that your wife is beside you as my warm, wet, pouty lips wrap around your straining erection.

I make sure that you’re panting and begging for more. It has to be your choice to slide your cock inside my teen succubus cunt. I want to hear the words pass your lips as you beg and plead to be inside of me. Then, and only then will I lower my tight little fuck hole down onto your waiting shaft and give you the ride of your life!

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