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I’ve always been daddy’s special girl! Daddy’s girl phone sex gets me so excited! I would do anything to make him happy but there is one thing I’ve kept a secret. I have a crush on my very best girlfriend. Tonight daddy let me have a sleepover with my best friend. I’m going to tell her how I really feel about her. Everything about her is so beautiful. She has long, dark hair and the prettiest brown eyes. What captivates me most is her perfect lips, I want her to be my very first teen lesbian kiss.

She snuggles up next to me on the couch as we watch movies. Feeling her head resting on my shoulder gives me butterflies in my tummy, just like when daddy runs his hand up my thigh. I take my hand and rest it on her thigh when I move it higher she giggles.

“What are you doing?”

“It’s just something my daddy taught me, it feels good.”

She leans into me and puts her hand on my thigh too. We start to run our hands on each other under the covers. Between my legs, I can feel my pussy starting to get wet. Only daddy has ever made my pussy feel like that. I must admit there have been times late at night when I have rubbed my pretty pink pussy thinking about my best friend. Her lips look so soft, covered in sweet strawberry lip gloss. The movie still playing in the background I lean in and kiss her cheek, putting my hand over her pussy. I can feel her warm wetness over her shorts. Then she whispers in my ear.

“Kiss me.”

I blush, licking my lips. I can barely believe it! Finally, I get to have my very first teen lesbian kiss. I close my eyes softly pressing our lips together. I can taste her sweet lipgloss, I kiss her again and I feel the press of her tongue against mine. Soon I’m laying on top of her while we make out. The movie is just forgotten background noise as our hands roam each other’s bodies. I grind down against her as we kiss, tasting her moans. I want to taste everything she has to offer me. Maybe even taste her pussy, I’ve tasted my own pussy off daddy’s fingers and I liked it.

“What are you girls doing!?”

I jump up at the sound of daddy’s voice. He doesn’t sound mad, I just feel so embarrassed that he caught me. My friend is scooched away from me with the blanket we were sharing pulled up to her mouth. I know she must be more embarrassed then I am. I do my best to cover.

“Oh, we were just cuddling watching the movie, daddy.”

My daddy gives me a questioning look while shaking his head. He knows when I’m lying. I can never get away with anything! So I give daddy my sweetest eyes.

“Please, don’t tell mommy. I promise to be a good girl.”

Daddy comes closer, sitting in his chair next to the couch. I can see from here that his cock is hard under his pants. It must have made daddy excited to see me kissing my friend.

“Show me what you girls were doing and I promise I won’t tell on either of you.”

Daddy always kept my secrets. I move closer to my best friend, pulling down the blanket so I can press our lips together again. My hand running up to her hip, the other one in her hair. I pull her onto my lap so she is straddling my hip as our tongues touch. They tangle together and she grinds against my thigh. When I peek over at daddy I see his rock hard cock in his hand. I moan moving against her because I just can’t help it. I feel how wet she feels as she rocks against me.

We both moan as we kiss, rocking and grinding together. Feeling daddy’s eyes on me makes everything feel even more intense. I know I’m making daddy happy as well as my best friend. Then daddy lets out a groan and my friend looks over and sees daddy’s cock too. Daddy looks at us both.

“Get on your knees like good girls.”

We both kneel in from of my daddy and he jerks his hard cock. I kiss my friend again and he groans. I look up at daddy and open my mouth. My friend copies me and daddy cums in both of our mouths. I kiss her one more time, tasting daddy’s hot cum and her sweet strawberry lipgloss. I think daddy really likes watching my first teen lesbian kiss.

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