What’s a teen cheerleader seductress supposed to do?

A teen cheerleader seductress can only behave herself for so long, and I’m no exception. A month into the school year I started my plan to be your own personal Lolita. My skirts got shorter, my tops got lower, and I suddenly needed a little more help in understanding the lessons.

   I saw the way you licked your lips when I asked for help after everyone left, yet no matter how much I flirted I could tell you weren’t going to make a move. That’s why ageplay phone sex would be perfect for you… So I got bolder. My growing tits strained against the buttons on my blouse, as I pressed them into your upper arm. Everything changed at that moment.

Your body stiffened, but you didn’t move. Leaning over my desk as I sat there pressing the side of my tit into you, your face was impossible to see. I was grateful because I knew you would have bolted if we’d been looking at each other.

So, I slid over more so your arm rested between my pillowy breasts and as they pressed into your warm bare skin. I felt the goosebumps. A tremble ran through your body and I knew I had to act now or you’d be off-limits forever. I would never get to show you my sexy blowjob joi skills!

Your teen cheerleader seductress was going to be late for practice, but that hardly mattered. I needed my sexy teacher to bend me over his desk and punish me for being so naughty. Your cock was hard and so close. With my time running out, I reached over and cupped your package firmly.

Accepting it.

You let out the breath you’d been holding and a shudder rocked you. Conflicted doesn’t even begin to describe how you were feeling. But I was the aggressor, all you had to do was close your eyes and enjoy it. If you felt that bad.

I squeezed you through your pants, making you moan. Every vein was popped out, and I could feel how stiff and excited you were. But you were finally ready to play. Your eyes snapped open, you grabbed me by my shoulders, and hauled me out of my desk.

Finally, you had me bent over your desk. You pressed your hand into the middle of my back, making me lean over. I felt my skirt flip up onto my back and then heard your zipper. You pressed your firm dick into my panties, running it up and down my ass. I could feel my panties getting wet. Your teen cheerleader seductress had won.

Fuck me, teacher!

All of the teasing was driving me wild. I started wiggling my little teen butt as you moved, hoping to let you know I was ready for more. Then I felt the sharp sting of your palm against my ass. I held still after that, but I didn’t have to wait long to get what I craved.

You slowly pulled my cotton panties down to the middle of my thighs, stepping back to admire what was beneath. A finger slid into my slit and I mewled in delight. It felt so good to have my teacher inside me! My pussy squeezed his finger and he slowly removed them.

Too afraid to look back, I was surprised when he slammed his cock deep inside of my right teen pussy. It felt amazing! I was so horny for the teacher that I forgot where we were and started moaning like the little slut I am. You covered my mouth with your hand and pumped harder. God, yes!

Your other hand roamed over my ass and then reached around. You groped it, squeezing and pinching. My pussy dripped in response.

Cum for me!

With your body pinning me down, there wasn’t much I could contribute besides my body and its reactions…except. I began using the muscles in my pussy to massage you as you pounded in and out. I felt you holding back and trying not to cum.

But I wanted your cum. All of it. Deep in my pussy. Get me pregnant, teacher. Fill me full of your jizz and leave me with your semen deep in my womb. That’s it, fuck me harder so we cum together, and leave me knocked up. It’ll be our dirty little secret.

I felt your balls draw up and your cock stiffen inside of me, and my thighs shook as the biggest orgasm of my life crashed over me. I felt every jet of that hot jizz go deep inside of me. You grabbed my hips and thrust three more times before cumming deep in my cunt.

I didn’t move. Looking at your desk, I waited until I heard you pull up your pants and leave before I dared to fix myself.

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