I love seeing you there, across the bed from me…naked and vulnerable and oh, so easy to tease and titillate.

I left my shirt up and one of my big natural tits slowly pops out into view and I can see your cock twitch…the shirt goes up a bit more and both tits are now free and your cock is dancing in anticipation.  Next, come the panties, already drenched in my juice.

You watch as my dirty panties drop to the ground and I slide my hand up my thigh and in between my legs.  “I’m going to start rubbing myself now and I want you to do the same,” I tell you.  I can see how eager you are in your eyes AND your cock *giggles*

Telling you had to stroke that dick for me makes me so damn wet!  And teasing you with my huge tits and naughty giggle make you explode all over the place, “I’ve made a big mess over here, Marissa.”  Of course, you have!  Can’t help yourself.

Why jerk it by yourself, when you could be teased and TITillated?  I’m topless and waiting! *giggles