Tease and Denial Gamer Session With My Big Brother

Saturday, ahh what a relaxing day. I spent my night working hard with all of my tease and denial powers and now all I wanted to do was sit down and enjoy some Overwatch today! So as I sat down in my panties and a tight tank top all cozy on the couch I heard someone come in through my apartment door. It was not unusual for me to leave my door unlocked because after all, there is always a large number of people coming in and out. So as I looked out of my peripherals to see who had entered I saw it was my older brother. Turning my focus back towards the game feeling him stand on the couch watching my concentration.

I knew just what he was after, he always came for just one thing.

Smirking I moved my feet so they sat flat on the couch. Slowly I spread my legs open wide and moved my controller to where it rested right on my puss. I stretched my arms out far forcing my B cups close together creating a large cleavage crevice. This allowed my brother the perfect peek at my soft bra-less tits. Sucking my lower lip into my mouth I moved to allow myself to be hit. As my controller vibrated against my cotton panties I let a soft whimper leave my lips.

My brother cleared his throat a bit, my tease and denial were already working.

I knew he longed to be the controller between my legs. He knew those vibrations right on my clit felt amazing. Better yet he knew all the players listening in my headset were also getting quite the show. Finally, I leaned my head back noticing the boner in my brother’s pants. My panties became soaked with my sweet juices remembering the times in which he plowed into me with his roughness. He wanted to fuck. He groaned pushing his massiveness towards my direction. I could not help but giggle and continue to play. After all, he was going to have to wait today!

Think you can handle a gaming session with me? Let’s find out Brandy =)

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke