When I was married, my husband liked to keep up appearances. We attended a very large and popular church in our town as he loved to be seen as part of the “in-crowd.” I was very active in the church and taught Sunday School classes. Yes, dear readers, I was a Sunday School teacher! This led to teacher sex stories.

Through the years I taught many age groups and one of the groups I taught were the early teenagers. Those kids were full of hormones and orneriness. They kept me on my toes with the things that came out of their mouths. One specific boy was way ahead of the other kids, in every way. He was a good-looking kid and he knew it. He would flirt with any woman and as a result, we enjoyed the attention.

Devin was a sexy, young buck!

One evening we were at the church doing prep for an event. Devin and I were last 2 people left. His mother had asked me to bring him home. He and I were cleaning up, and he was giving it his usual with the flirting. Asking me what the youngest guy I had ever dated. I explained I was no longer dating as I was married. “Before that,” he said. GILF phone sex experience coming up.

Oh, this kid. While we finished he kept finding a way to touch or rub up against me. He was incredibly convincing with his flirting. As I reached for a bag, he slid in front of me. We were inches apart and his lips brushed mine. I scolded him and told him it was very inappropriate because I was married. He didn’t care, he had decided what he wanted and was not taking no for an answer. He pushed up against me and planted a full French kiss on me. Teen sex for Frankie.

Wow, what a kisser! I was shocked at how good he was. His hands started working their way around my body. He was so smooth. I caved at this point. My hands found their way around his body as well. I got to the crotch of his pants and was blown away by the size of his bulge. Undoing his zipper, his large cock popped at attention. I got down on my knees and took his dick in my hands. My lips parted, and I took the whole thing into my mouth.

I sucked and gave him the best blow job he would ever get!

He pulled me up and pinned me to the table. Quickly, he lifted my skirt and pulled off my panties. His lips and tongue went to work on my wet pussy. Again, he was very good. As he brought me to climax, he was ready with his hard cock. He slid in and I moaned in pleasure. We fucked like bunnies and tried many things that night.

Once we finished, we got dressed and I took him home. As he got out of the car, we agreed no one would know about our night. I told him it was a one-time thing, however, he told me it was not. I had a feeling he might hold this over me in the future, as we would see later. This teacher sex story might take an unlikely turn.

Looks like a blackmail sex story is coming our way. Until then check out this hot blog!

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