Who doesn’t love teacher sex stories, I know I do!  Sit back and enjoy one of my personal fantasies.

Teacher sex stories have been a source of sexual fantasies for men and women for centuries.  I know that I have fantasized about being both teacher and student. Who hasn’t thought about being that student who fucks her professor for a better grade? Now, I mainly think about being the teacher and being in the position of power.  Here’s a little peek into one of my own personal fantasies.

I’m a high school teacher, I’ve been a teacher for several years, but I don’t look much older than many of my students.  I’m very friendly and approachable with my students, but I’m careful to never cross that line. I dress in long pencil skirts, blouses, and heels.  I always wear my glasses, to make myself look more serious. There is one student I’m drawn to, he seems more mature than the rest. I have been toeing the line with this student for some time.  I know he is attracted to me, I overheard him in the hallway. He often finds ways to touch me, sometimes he touches my hand, or grazes my body while passing in the hallway. One day, it goes much further.  

It’s the end of the day and I’m grading papers.  

My student has once again done poorly on his assignment.  I’m absorbed in my work when I am startled by my student’s voice.  He has just come from basketball practice and is covered in sweat. He asks how he has done on his latest paper, I say not well.  Then he apologizes and asks for extra credit. I say I rarely allow for it. He moves closer to my desk, kneels next to me, he says he will do anything to help with his grade.  As he says this he places his hand on my thigh. I freeze, I know I should stop.

I say nothing as he slides his hand further up my skirt, all the way to my panties. He parts my lips with his fingers and I just sit there, getting wetter.  He goes below my desk, pulls off my panties and eats my pussy like a man. I’m moaning and dripping wetting, gripping the arms of my chair. I know any moment someone could come in and catch us, it’s exhilarating. I cum hard and fast, all over his face. He comes up and kisses me, his mouth covered in my wetness.  I tell him he should go back to practice, and that I will reconsider his grade.

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