Teacher Kate Needs you to Stay After Class

I love to teach you lessons and as your teacher, I know exactly what to do. I loooove to dress in the tightest, sexiest clothes I can get away with. Trust me, the principal isn’t complaining;). I’m his favorite teacher. And my students? I can practically hear their cocks twitching, their jaws dropping, and the drool pooling in their mouths. I flaunt my curves. Then I bend over my desk, drop things constantly, cross and uncross my legs, slap a ruler against my palm. I just fucking love to tease those boys…and girls;). Pretty sure I’m making some of these pretty little angels future lesbians. Mmmm. Ripe and ready for the taking.

I know you’d love to be my student. You’d love to sit in my class and watch me, your sexy teacher, every day. Today I wore a skin tight camel skirt and a red shirt. I’m leaving little to the imagination. I know how much you love my sexy black heels too;). Gotta keep you entertained! I notice you raising your hand extra today. Needing more and more attention. I brush against you while I lean over your shoulder and help you with your homework. The last time you ask for help I come over and tell you that I’ll help you after class and you have to stay.

I’m definitely going to teach you a wicked lesson.

Class moves slowly but it’s finally over. After everyone is gone you are left sitting at your desk. I go to the door and shut the blinds over the window and lock it. You definitely seem confused but I can tell that you’re secretly excited. I come over to you and perch on the edge of your tiny desk. There’s hardly room for my plump ass and I’m so close to you I can hear you breathe. I brush my fingers through your hair, “So you have a lesson you need to learn don’t you?”

You quietly answer, “Yes Miss Kate.”

And a lesson you will get!

Call me for your lesson;)

Fetish Phone Sex!