I was going to the back-to-school night to meet next years teacher’s and what classes I had gotten into. As I walked down one of the hallways I walked into my health teacher’s class. This Teacher gets cum addicted students to do whatever he wants. I walked into my surprise the teacher was drop-dead handsome. Just a cum addicted teen that always gets her way!! He had muscles and an open shirt showing them all off. Showing this teacher how much of a cum addicted student I can be. I walked up to him swaying my hips and teasing him instantly. I was wearing a tiny little plaid skirt so short my ass was hanging out the bottom. My shirt was a see-thru tube top with no bra. You could see my nipples sticking right out. His eyes were stuck looking at me up and down.

I Could Feel Every Vein Budging Thru Teacher’s Cock.

He started to talk and say something but he started stuttering his words. Before he could stop me I was acting on all the feelings. I ran over to the door and locked it. Mr. M didn’t know what to do or what to say. Grabbing his hand I lead him over to his desk and stripped his shirt off. I started kissing and caressing his chest. Leaning down I started to unbuckle his belt and gently pulled his cock out. I could feel every vein budging thru the teacher’s cock. I kept stroking and leaning down giving the head gentle kisses.

Leaning down I started taking his cock all the way down my throat. I started gagging and drooling all over this big teacher’s cock.  Tears started to form my eyes but he didn’t care he forced his teacher deep down my throat. He pulled his cock out so wet and throbbing he slapped my mouth with his cock. Then he rubbed the tip of his head on my lips like Chapstick. 

I Started To Beg For His Big Teacher Cock.

 Looking him straight in the eyes I started to beg for his big teacher cock. He grabbed my hip and throw me onto my back. The papers all over his desk flew off and pencils fell to the floor.  Grabbing hard at my legs he wrapped my legs around my head and buried his face into my clit. I couldn’t move just lay there while he teased my pussy. 

He Started Sipping Them Up Like It Was A Drink.

His fingers felt rough and hard when he started to push them into my pussy. He was making all my juices pour out. He started sipping them up like it was a drink. Just licking and teasing my clit making it so hard so close to cum pouring out. His fingers pushed harder and deeper. I couldn’t help myself it was feeling so good I came all over his face and let out the biggest moan yet.

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