Teacher Fucks Her Student And Teaches Him To Blow Big Loads

Teacher Sex is fucking hot and taboo. Someone needs to teach these young high school studs how to work a pussy, asshole and mouth *giggles* I am just the cougar slut for the job. I always fantasize about hot young cock in a classroom watching my tits and ass while I lick my lips and watch them adjust their erections under their desks. I had a nasty call today where I was the teacher and I seduced my student. This student was a virgin. I was the one to teach him about sex for the first time. I got so wet thinking about it and playing it out with him.

He stayed after class, with some dumb question as usual. I grabbed his dick through his pants and asked him if he had ever fucked before. He said he was a virgin. He had only jacked off before, and I was his masturbation muse. Told me how much he thought about my body and my tight skirts that rode up to expose my sexy lingerie. He loved my thigh high stockings and noticed my panties and bra always matched. He was sweet. I took my chance to fuck the shit out of him.

I cleared my desk with one arm and pushed him down on his back.

This teacher wanted his cock. I pulled off his shirt and pants and popped my huge tits out of my bra. Pulling my dress over my head, I slid down his boxers and his virgin cock was stiff and swollen. I could not wait to suck it. I swirled my tongue over the head as I swallowed every inch down my throat. He moaned, and his hands were on my tits squeezing them. He was nervous but hot as he clumsily twisted my nipples.

I turned around in my stockings and heels and dropped my pussy over his face. Then I told him to suck my clit and twirl his tongue on my clit. I love teaching;) He had never eaten a pussy before, but did fucking AMAZING!! By the time I sat on his cock, he blasted a hot, creamy load into my teacher cunt. He seemed embarrassed that he came quickly.  I assured him that the one thing about high school dick is that it will be hard again in a few minutes. There is so much more to learn baby.

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