His tattoos makes my puss purr!

I was dancing down in the pit of a concert, drinking and just enjoying myself. The band was amazing and I was feeling the buzz from my drinks. I was wearing a short white dress with a complete lace backing that showed off my tattoos nicely. I had no bra on and was only wearing a G-string underneath. It was the middle of the summer so I had the best tan ever and my hair was sun bleached!

I was looking up at the lead guitarist as he was playing his solo when it hit me how hot he was! I had never really noticed before. I just knew I liked the music! He looked down at me and winked. I got butterflies in my gut! I didn’t think anything would come of it. At the end of the concert a security guard came up to me. “Miss? You need to come with me please. Your presence as been requested for the backstage get together.” I was shocked! Me? Why?

I told me friends to wait for me as I followed this man to the backstage door. He swiped his card and I slipped under his arm. As soon as I walked in I ran right into the guitarist. He pulled me aside, away from all the noise the party was creating. “Hi! I know this is weird, and possible freaky, but you’re gorgeous. I had to talk to you and introduce myself before you slipped away. Would you mind staying for the party? I’ll make sure you get taken back to your hotel after.”

Of course I said yes! We partied for most of the night. I’ve never danced with a man the way I did with him. It was so sexual and hot! I was getting turned on just having him behind me, with his hands on my hips! The party slowly started to die down. He leaned in and asked if he could take me to his hotel. I didn’t even skip a beat when I responded with, “Yes!”

Back in his room he slowly undressed me, looking at every curve and move I made. He ran his hands down my body and then cupped my ass, pulling me towards him. He flipped me onto the bed and slowly started to undress for him. He was covered in tattoos and seriously drool worthy! My body was aching for his before he was even naked!

We fucked the night away: every position possible. He was sweet and gentle at first, and then started to get more demanding and dominating. He left a few good hand welts on my ass. I was sore for a few days following! The beauty of fucking this gorgeous man was I got to date him for a year. We traveled all over the US and made amazing memories of all the places we fucked! Most of the time it was in very public places 😉

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