Tantric Sex Lesson Can Be the Path to Deeper Pleasure

For the new year, I decided to add some hot new pictures and change up my profile.  One of the sexy things I added was tantric sex lessons.  And, I’ve been getting quite a few calls asking what exactly is Tantra.  So, I decided to give you a peek at my blog.  For a full lesson, you’ll have to get me on the phone.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Basically, the practice of Tantra allows us to connect with the sexual chi or energy that is our energetic life force.

One way to do this is through the lingam massage.  What is a lingam?  Well, lingam is the Tantra word for cock.  Loosely translated it means, “wand of light”.  I guess you could say lingam massage is a fancy way to say “hand job.”  In this practice, I approach the lingam, or cock, from a place of worship and respect.  By bringing a partner pleasure through his “wand of light,” I’m filled with the same energy of pleasure.  Are you getting turned on already by your tantric sex lesson?

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Lingam massage is a practice that basically worships the cock.  It’s done to give you the ultimate pleasure.  As I’m sure you already know there is a tremendous amount of chi(sexual energy) in a man’s cock.  With the right massage technique that power can travel through the entire body.

How do I do that?  Well, let’s do a little experiment.

First, lie back and get comfortable.  Close your eyes.  Place a pillow under your hips.  Spread your legs with your knees bent.  I want to have easy access to your hot cock.  Breathe deeply.

In this tantric sex lesson, breath is what is different than just plain old sex.  Now as you breathe I want you to begin to stroke your cock.  That breath is called the Bliss Breath.

Get some massage oil.  Massage your inner thighs.  Slide your hands down to your balls.  Pull them gently.  Cup and fondle them in the palm of your hand.  Now move to the shaft of your cock. Vary your grip from harder to lighter. Switch between straight up and down and a twisting motion.

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By now, you’ve worked up and you want to cum.  Don’t.  Breathe into your arousal. And, then rotate your hips as you stroke.

Now stroke the real magic spot.  The prostate.  Of course, you can do that externally.  The prostate is that spot midway between your balls and your ass.  Find the indentation in the center.   Stroke.  Breathe.  Stroke.  Breathe.

Are you ready for even more of this tantric sex lesson?  Of course, you are.  You and I both know you need more.  Slide a well-lubed finger into your ass.  Once inside gently caress your finger from side to side.  And, then up and down.

A Tantric Sex Lesson is Your Gateway to Pleasure

Are you ready to climax?  Is your cock rock hard and begging for release.  This time as you stroke down your penis thrust your hips into your hand.  And, then vary your strokes from slow to fast.  And, then imagine that your fucking your hand.  Tighten your hand and imagine that it’s a hot pussy or tight ass that you’re fucking.  Feel it?  It’s wet and tight.  Right? Of course, it’s so yummy as you stroke closer to bliss.

Tantra Sex Lesson Can be Like a Hypnosis Fetish

As your cock explodes with your hot orgasm I’m right there with you.  Of course, your juicy cum is all over my face and chest.  Or perhaps that milky cum is filling my cunt with deep pleasure.  And, hot and sticky and oh so yummy.

Want to get another tantric sex lesson from the Goddess of sex?

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