The Tantalizing Fetish. Leather So Soft

Leather against my tan skin, the soft buttercream texture hugged my flesh, I knew I was a fucking knockout! He’d never seen me in anything like this before…but I knew his dick would go nowhere but up!

I just finished my a week, and happy with my bonuses and commission sales, I thought “Hmm Victoria, you deserve a little retail therapy.” And fuck yeah, that’s exactly what I did! I went into this little shop I’d always seen but never explored, I just never had a reason to go into the little boutique until my frisky mind told me otherwise. When I walked I saw insane, I saw beautiful, but what stood out most, screamed my name, the leather corset. I’d never seen something and immediately feel a burning desire to need to own it…hm, how beautiful would that be? The way I feel about this piece is how my man feels about me, I need to have it.

I walked straight to the register and pointed to my discovery.

“Don’t you want to try it on? Make sure you feel exactly how you want to feel in it?” asked the only worker in the shop. That gave me a marvelous idea. “Actually yes, in fact, I’d like to wear it out of the store under my clothes,” I told her. She raised an eyebrow but in a very agreeing way, she then pointed to the back of the store for me to disrobe.

Leaving the store I was in my element, but it was so funny because I’ve never owned anything leather…I mean jackets and shoes, but this was so much more intimate, almost more for me than him! Arriving home, I knew he’d be there, I slowly walked in, and let my heel dramatically clack against the floor, building his anticipation. I said hi and planted a kiss on him but didn’t let him pull me in. I backed up, and under my blouse and jacket, I showed him my newest find. Then  I undressed down to the corset and no panties and stood there, my heels still on my feet. I gave a shy, almost coy grin as if wanting to hide. The way his eyes lit up,

I could feel him becoming animalistic.

The natural squeak in the material became louder and louder as I made my way toward him, he stood up to meet me. Expecting him to just throw me over his shoulder or ravage my mouth right there, he kissed my hand, got down on his knees, and kissed my lips, you know my other set of lips…I immediately spread giving him better access, until I felt my knees buckle from the sensation. He held me steady, quickly stopped, and stood back up running his hands over the leather, so soft and provocative…and what happened next…well you’ll have to call me to find out. 😉

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