This Taboo Sex Story will push your buttons as we explore all your hidden desires for the sexy older woman in your life.   You know her or you’ve never forgotten about her.  The fantasies of “HER” have danced around your head for years.  You can’t let go!  You don’t want to let go!  Let’s be realistic – if we went back in time, you have spent most of your time masturbating to this hot older woman. Maybe she was the naughty neighbor,  your luscious Mommy, Bratty Teen Babysitter or a Sexy Teacher. You know exactly what I am talking about!!  Right? Right! Glad we are on the same page!

A few months ago, a young boy knocked at my door looking to do some handyman work to complete around my house.  I snickered to myself, “more like handy boy work.”  I didn’t want to burst his bubble so I invited him in for a chat.   I hired him to complete a few odd jobs around the house after getting to know him.  As we spoke, I could tell he had a wandering eye.  So innocent yet so curious.

Bright and early the next day he arrived at my house and was already hard at work before I had my first cup of coffee. I was very impressed that he took the initiative to start in the yard without being told where to begin.  Cutting back bushes before be began weeding the larger garden. I must say, for a young boy, his muscles were well defined in those shorts and a tank top. His young body shimmered as he worked up a sweat.

I couldn’t help myself as my mind started to wander to the thought of seducing his young virgin body and mind.  He was mine for the taking. Slowly slide as I slid my fingers down into my panties, as I wondered how his cock would feel in my mouth and pussy.  It wasn’t long before my wet pussy was throbbing wet. I know it was wrong, but the thoughts of his young muscled body against mine drove me crazy. The very thoughts of what I would do with him if the opportunity presented itself. The temptations were too much.

Gaining my composer, I called Matthew into the house for some lemonade. We sat in the kitchen chatting about a lot of different things. I could feel his eyes on me and realized my nipples were still hard from being so turned on by him. Being that he was only human, he couldn’t take his eyes off of me. A wicked little smile came across my face. It didn’t take much for the young man to get aroused. Putting him out of his misery, I told him I was going for a shower and left him to finish his lemonade.

The Taboo Sex Story continued over the next few days and the tension kept building between us. Until one morning as I was pleasuring myself while watching him from the kitchen window.  Caught up in the moment I didn’t realize he had disappeared out of sight. I closed my eyes and continued fingering my now wet snatch. When all of a sudden the door behind me opened and Matthew was standing in the doorway.

I abruptly stopped and removed my hands from my shorts trying to gain my composure. There he stood with a boyish grin on his face.  “How long have you been watching me?” I said in an embarrassed voice.  He replied, “long enough.” As he stepped toward me, he took my hands and placed them at my sides. Without even hesitating, he slid his hand ever so gently between my thighs and slipped two fingers inside my wet pussy. Kissing me deeply on the lips as he worked his fingers into me. I came within moments.

It didn’t take long before I found myself on top of the kitchen table with my wet pussy on display. Parting my legs further as he released his cock from his tight jeans. He earnestly entered me with every inch. Taking me, fucking me, making me one with him. Taking over my body for what seemed like hours. He fucked me as hard as he possibly could. My body quivered with pleasure, as I came harder and more than I ever had done in years. My pussy was filled to the brim with his hot young cum.

His momentum didn’t stop even after he blew his load. He just kept pounding away at me until he came over and over again inside me. The next few weeks were very steamy. Almost like I was a teenager again – waiting eagerly to be aroused, pleased and fucked by the young boy. The endless summer days of pleasure were coming to an end. Needless to say – The young 14-year-old boy was now a man.

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Taboo Sex Story