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Whose ready for taboo sex stories?! This is one I have already mentioned before but this time it will be a bit more detailed. It all started as a role play idea that quickly developed into something a bit more taboo. For weeks I have been sucking my step dad’s cock behind moms back. After the first time he did try and break things off but I just wouldn’t let him. Mom’s in the kitchen cooking while I’m on the couch sucking and jerking off my step dad. She is so close we could get caught any minute but the thrill of getting caught just excites me more. While my mouth slides up and down on his cock, he’s trying to maintain conversation with mom. It’s so cute to hear the stutter in his voice. After dinner he retires to bed and so does mom.

I can hear her trying to get my step dad to fuck her but he is too tired. Sorry mommy guess I wore him out. Now she is asleep and this time I sneak him and wake him up jerking him off. He grabs my hand in an attempt to stop me but when I start licking his cock head he can’t resist me. My tongue circles his tip, and then my lips close around his cock. I’m stroking his shaft while sucking him. He’s keeping his moans contained so mommy doesn’t wake up. I don’t stop until he fills my mouth. The next morning when he wakes to get ready for work, I hear him run the shower and sneak into the bathroom. Can you guess what happens? That’s right a blowjob in the shower while mom is downstairs making his breakfast.

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But even though I have been sucking his cock I still have even bigger plans for dear oh step dad. At dinner I decide to turn things up a bit. While mom was pulling out the pie from the stove, I snuck under the table. She asked where I went and he had no choice but to lie. He couldn’t tell her under the table sucking my dick and jerking my cock. And I wickedly grinned while he blamed the little moan he accidentally let out on the yummy pie he was eating. And this time I didn’t let him cum. I chose to let the urge build so I get something better in return. While mom cleared the table I snuck back out and went to my room. And this time when mom fell asleep I was sneaking out to give him a blowjob.

This time I wanted to fuck! I didn’t even have to wake him he was waiting for me. When he pulled open my robe he saw my naked teen body. Lets be honest it would be stupid to say no after all we had already done. Might as well, right? He kissed and sucked my nipples, and even kissed down to my navel. After getting to my navel he went lower kissing my tight young teen pussy. I had to control my moans so I didn’t wake mom but my step dad’s tongue was amazing. And after licking my pussy he laid me in the floor and stuck his cock inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him into me. His throbbing hard cock slams into me harder.

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I roll over sticking my cute little teen ass into the air. While rubbing my ass I say “give it to me daddy.” Grabbing my hips he thrust back inside me but I feel so good he loses control and cums all inside me. It was a risky move but it was worth it! No man can resist tight young teens. Not even a step dad! Do my taboo sex stories make you wanna do naughty things? Stop thinking about it and lets do it already! Or maybe share your taboo sex stories with me. Its time to explore all your tight young teen fantasies. When your ready for that dirty adult phone chat just call my phone sex hotline. I’m on experience you’ll never forget.