Craving A Brother Sister Sex Story?

My brother and I have played together for as long as I remember. We were always fascinated by each other’s bodies. One day as I was laying in my bed in just my panties and bra my brother came into my room. This is when this brother sister sex story gets interesting! He was asking me about something I had borrowed from him. I rolled over onto my side and rolled my eyes looking back at my phone. He slapped my ass and I jumped. Stop it Steven and get out of my room. I said as I jumped up to my knees. He grabbed me by my waist and tossed me onto the bed. We struggled around, and he fell on top of me.

We were laughing when I realized his dick was getting hard and it was pressed against my pussy through my panties and his shorts. I started to squirm and push against his chest when he lowered his head and kissed my lips. I want you he whispered. Then I stopped squirming and returned his kiss as I threw my legs around his waist grinding my pussy against him. He pulled my panties off and quickly took his dick out and started pushing against my pussy lips which were growing hotter and wetter every second. I want you too, but this is forbidden! Just then he pushed thru and plunged deep into my pussy!

He felt so good and I came so hard exploding all over him and he came deep inside me!

After that, he would sneak into my room every night and we started experimenting we tried everything. He found a book on sexual positions hidden in mom and dad’s room so that was a lot of fun! It was like twister but with his dick inside me!
Even when we started dating other people we kept fucking regularly. It was like an unspoken rule that we would always need to fuck each other.

My brother wasn’t the only taboo partner I played with call me today and I will whisper all my secrets in your ear.

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