Swinging can make things either better or in some cases make things worse. What are your thoughts on it? I have some experience and wanna share in the fun!

Swinging had never really been on my list of things to do when I became sexually active. I was more into having two guys if anything. I had tried the two girls and one guy thing and didn’t much care for it at the time. Hell, I was 19 why would I? The jealousy thing gets in the way since you aren’t mature enough to make the right rules and boundaries.

When I was 25 I wanted to try it finally. I wanted to pull the trigger on swinging. I had friends that dabbled in it and failed miserably and ended their relationships in a hot flash. So I was bound to get this right! My then-boyfriend and I had a very healthy sex life. Enjoyed every bit of each other. That little slutty girl side of me always wanted to come out though. I liked cock and I liked fucking different cock. This had been the longest relationship I had ever been in. I started to crave new meat.

So I slowly broached the topic with my boyfriend Tim one night and asked what he thought about it. He was a jealous guy and was apprehensive about the who pitch. With some sweet words and rules laid out, he was game in finding a couple to play with.

We met up with a couple named Jack and his wife Amber. Both are sexy from head to toe. He was tall with a defined body, while Amber was my polar opposite. Short with a curvy body and a high tight ass. Her tits were smaller but perkier. She had short brown hair and a cute face.

I was so nervous, I hadn’t been with another man in 3 years. Jack and Amber were also new at the whole swinging scene. The weeks leading up to this were each of us texting one another sexy pics and flirty messages. We decided to share a room at first; just to feel safer. After we had dinner and went back to our room, then the game started!

Amber whirled around on Tim and started grinding her tits into Tim’s chest while she tongue fucked his mouth. Jack picked me up and laid me on the bed. He pushed my legs up and back and started licking my pussy. My blood rushed hard through my body and right between my legs. I could see Tim watching me while his cock was being sucked. He almost looked jealous until I saw his smile. His cock hardened quickly, he liked what he saw!

After a full night of foreplay and me sucking off Jack and fucking him I had the chance to suck off both men while Amber lay on the bed under me. Her tongue lapped away at my clit while I worked both cocks. Each man had already cum that night, but we were all down for round two! I wanted both men inside of me in the worst way. I was lucky and got my wish! Amber stood over me and lets me taste her the entire time. After the guys blew, Amber confessed she loved cum no matter where it was. She gladly offered to clean up and sore but satisfied holes.

Wanna know more about my swinging experience? Call me and lets play! I even have some free phone sex minutes to offer!

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